NEW YEAR! Well, soon anyway. But until then, some nice music and design. I made the artwork for this fine co-op track with Emil Jensen and electrokönig Familjen. Fire in the sky, gold in your pocket! Buy/listen here.


SNACKA OM! Today´s the release for Emil Jensen´s new audio book Snacka Om. I did the design for the book/digipak, poster and ads. The book cover turned out really nice, if may say so myself, I like that they went with the doodly idea and not the other, safer ones. Big ups to Ordfront Ljud for letting me do my thing.


BOOKVIDEO! Onedinlinjen (that´s me and Peter Westrup) made a promo video for Emil Jensens latest release, an audiobook with some of his greatest live performances and some other stuff. Release date: 111012. Filmed on a roof, which was fun and scary, no sissy stuff like safete helmets or ropes… I made the design for the digipak as well, which turned out really nice. Oh, and some ads and a poster too. Swamped with work at the moment, but uploaded on the site soon, I hope.


VINYL! Den Svenska Tystnaden releases their full-length album today, 110919, available as digital download and vinyl. I designed the cover, inside sleeve and label of the vinyl.


MUSIC VIDEO! Check out the music video that I - with our newly founded production company Onedinlinjen - did for Emil Jensen´s new single Lite väl John & Yoko. Visit our vimeo page for some more stuff, also Emil-related.

It´s from his latest and fourth album, for which Slivka Design did all the art direction and design, including a 100% eco friendly package design (soy ink, tasty!), flyers, posters and merchandise (did someone say organic cotton?). Haven´t had time to photograph the stuff properly so not in the portfolio yet, but stay tuned! 


MIXTAPES! At the end of each year Adrian Recordings invite people to make mixtapes of their releases and publish one each Sunday in December - Adrian Advent Mixtapes 2010. I did the covers for them this year. Check it out in the menu to the left. Links to download the mixtapes can be found here, here, here and here. Also very busy at the moment, making new designs for Emil Jensens fortcoming album release and tour. In case I forget - merry xmas and happy new year!


NEW WORK! // Keeping ourselves busy (although not with updating this site it seems…) with various projects. Added The Bear Quartet - Monty Python and Den Svenska Tystnaden to the list. DST are album debutants, and BQ are not. They´re releasing their 16th(!) album, and it was an honour to work with them. Check out both projects in the portfolio to the left!


NEW SITE! // Slivka Design finally has a proper portfolio on the interwebs. Take a look around, stay a while, stay forever. And don´t forget to grab the RSS-feed for news and updates!


NEW OFFICE // 2010 = new office for Slivka Design. Down in the harbour, more precisely that would be Saltimporten for all you Malmö-locals. I´m sharing studio space with some other lovely creatives, the Labland-crew, fronted by Sigga & David. It´s an old warehouse, now turned into a nice and inspiring environment with an amazing view, do drop by if you´re in the neighbourhood (trawling?). I´ll whip up some coffee for us and then we can go boatspotting. Welcome!


MISCELLANEOUS EDDA // Made a 50x70-poster for the multi-talented artist Edda Magnason to coincide with the release of her debut album. The logo was a fun Illustrator exercise, pure joy. Also rolled out a promotional website + myspace, simple as requested, but gets the job done (especially the website header).  Client: Caprice Records.


CECILIA STERNER // Slivka Design is proud to present the launch of artist Cecilia Sterner´s brand new website. A minimalistic portfolio site with accompanying administration back-end. It´s been a pleasure working with her, hope to do it again in the future. Check out her great works of art at www.ceciliasterner.com.


BLWL DIGRESS // Received the new Bolywool album in the post today, thanks guys. Very nice cover art (and music of course!) and cool & unusual packaging format. Logo made by Slivka Design, nice to see it in analogue use! See my earlier work for Bolywool here.


TONGENERATION // This is a new recording studio with loads of potential and it was a pleasure helping them get a digital presence online. Check the gallery section of the site for some lovely interior and detail shots of the studio and don´t forget to listen to the audio samples too.


RIKSTEATERN // Today is the premiere for Emil Jensen´s autumn tour. Riksteatern hired Slivka Design to make the graphic profile, including posters in various formats, flyers, cd-flyer, advertisements and a special tourblog on his site. Another Slivka/Westrup-coop, and as always a great result. See the plethora of stuff here.


LABLAND // Slivka Design has been working on a website for Icelandic/Swedish product designers Labland / Sigga Heimis and now it´s out there on the interwebs. Check out their massive portfolio with lots and lots of stuff… You want a glass kidney? They´ve got it! See my portfolio post here or visit the site here.


EMIL ON WHEELS // Today marks the release of the Emil Jensen-dvd titled “300 eMIL”. It´s a documentary about the tour he did on bicycle through Sweden in 2007. Made by Team Tony, released by Adrian Recordings, designed by Slivka Design. A four-colour double-digipak, dvd + bonus-cd, which turned out very nicely. Pictures soon up on the site.


E-JAY & S-PEE // Received 26 kg of posters and 4 kg of flyers from the printers in Germany today, a heavy load to say the least. It is posters for the extended dates of the Jensen/Persson-show, now playing in Lund and Stockholm. Check the posters here.

Public Announcement

A new website is born! For now only in private beta going public in one month or so. Yes, I am defining irony here, folks…